Artwork Explained: Flame

Artwork Explained: Flame

Last week we brought you the Night Flyer Apparel Range by Fulton Hobbs and this week we are dropping the second design by the insanely talented Fulton, the Flame apparel range. We can't wait to tell you all about the artist, the artwork and the story behind this wearable work of art, let's dive right in! 

Fulton Hobbs is an Australian designer based in the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay. He is a digital artist who started creating art in 2014 within the thriving Instagram digital art community.

His work has been primarily in the US music industry creating custom cover art pieces for hundreds of clients. As a result he has completed over 700+ covers for commissioned projects as well as a large body of personal work.

Inspiration is drawn from the idea of quantum realms and other worldly imaginings and dimensions, then bringing that together to a place of warm tones, colour and surrealism. Let's enter a dimension where worlds collide. 

This design depicts a bright and beautiful sunset in contrast to a blue water, white sand beach and thick and dense smokey clouds all tied together by a burning ring of fire. The irony of this design is that with so many wildfires happening all around the world at the moment, people are also noticing the most glorious of sunsets. The dense smoke and extra particles in the air cause the natural oranges of a sunset to appear deeper, darker and also brighter and it is truly a magical sight in the midst of chaos. 

This represents in a surrealist sense that even when your world is on fire, and it is overwhelming and terrifying and destructive, there is always the promise of an extra beautiful sunset to mark the ending of a rough day and also a promise that after destruction and fire, there is always new life and growth about to begin. 

We hope you love this design just as much as we do! 

-Lunafide Team 💛 

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