Artwork Explained: Eye of Ra

Artwork Explained: Eye of Ra

Introducing the eerie and mysterious Eye of ra apparel range! This Egyptian inspired apparel range features the most fascinating visuals and colors that will take you on a journey to ancient Egypt in a modern and aesthetically pleasing way. This range has been designed by the extremely talented artist Pyros. Let's learn more about this wearable masterpiece.

The Eye of ra was depicted on many ancient Egyptian amulets. The belief was that it could help push negative energy away while bringing harmony back into ones life. Many Ancient Egyptian pharaohs used the eye of ra as a way to protect themselves. 

They believed that the eye of ra would ward off evil entities or spirits and was also designed to protect oneself against spells and bring one good health. 

To the Egyptians, the eye of ra symbolised the sun. Although it was typically connected with the sun’s destructive force, the Egyptians also employed it to protect their structures and themselves.

The eye of ra was a royal dominance symbol. 
People also painted it on amulets, and some myths even suggest that it was an ancient weapon. Still, there's no specific way to prove that.

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 🖤

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