Artwork Explained: Eagle Warrior

Artwork Explained: Eagle Warrior

 The extraordinary Eagle warrior apparel range, inspired by the group of elite infantrymen in the army of the Aztec Empire known as the Eagle warriors. Those who belonged in this warrior society were either members of the nobility or commoners who had distinguished themselves on the battlefield. This range features the most incredibly detailed tribal style artwork that tells a story that reminisces and appreciates the Eagle warriors. Let us now explore the story behind this wearable work of art. 

In Aztec mythology, eagles were regarded as a symbol of the sun therefore the eagle warriors were considered to be the warriors of the sun. Eagle warriors dressed themselves like eagles, and wore eagle feathers, and a helmet that was the shape of an eagle's head, the helmet featured a widespread open beak that the warriors could see through. 

Every male had to undergo basic Aztec military training and those who showed great skill and talent were selected to further train to become an eagle warrior. The training however was only the start of making a Aztec soldier an Eagle warrior. The soldiers had to physically prove themselves and it is not quite in the way you may think.

These soldiers had to capture prisoners in battle, in fact simply killing the enemy was frowned upon and capturing the enemy was considered to be of much higher skill and importance. Nobody knows for sure how many prisoners a soldier had to capture before becoming an Eagle warrior but the sum was certainly four or higher. 

The Eagle warriors weapons of choice consisted of bows, spears, daggers, slings and also a weapon that consists of a wooden handle tipped with blades of black obsidian. The eagle warriors wore a quilted cotton armour and wielded a circular shield that was bright in color and decorated with feathers. 

The range consists of pattern work that includes, feathers, eagle’s heads and depictions of the Eagle warriors inspired by other art found in the Aztec empire showcasing the warriors in action with their weaponry and dress. This design is the epitome of the story behind the Eagle warriors and it so beautifully illustrates and celebrates the history and story behind these exceptional warriors. 

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-Lunafide Team <3

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I can’t stand polyester no matter what you do with it. It never wears well. Too bad because the visuals are cool.

joseph crosby mecham

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