Artwork Explained: Eagle - Limited Edition Range

Artwork Explained: Eagle - Limited Edition Range

This week, we are stoked to announce the launch of our killer, new Eagle - Limited Edition Range, inspired by Norse mythology. As follows, this week's post will focus on the symbolic meaning of the eagle, and a story involving Odin, the Allfather or King of the Gods.

With a grip far stronger than any man, and though their eyes are the same size as ours, their vision is drastically sharper. Not to mention intense precision from vast heights. It’s no wonder the Vikings were so inspired by this predator of the otherworldly sky realm.   



In Norse mythology, the eagle symbolizes strength, courage, freedom, and even immortality.

The Vikings believed Odin could transform himself into an eagle and fly down to earth. Here, he would drink the elixir of life to remain forever young - immortal.

While under the eye of Odin in disguise, the sight of an eagle had a significant impact of fear and awe in the Vikings, an omen to behave with honor.

What's more, the symbol of the eagle was often used to inspire bravery and courage in Norse warriors.


The Artwork

Perhaps you can almost hear the deep hum and wild call of the Vikings, as the meticulous Eagle design blazes to blood-red life, against the murky blackness, subtly etched with geometric Norse runes.

As your eyes move over our Eagle - Limited Edition’s artwork, you will encounter a vision of powerful talons and a large, hooked beak. Evoking images of wings unfurling, lifting, and spreading. Then, high winds forceful against your body, as the majestic bird launches towards the heavens.

Just as easily, swooping down on opportunities with not a hint of hesitation or doubt in its ability.  

If you connect to the Eagle as deeply as the Vikings, and us of course, our guess is you’re a true visionary. An unstoppable force that meets no object that is immovable.

Willing to tear through limits to soar to your highest potential, and purest expression of self!


The Range

You see, the word apparel hardly does justice to this or any of our other collections. Each piece is a trifecta of ancient mystical symbolism, detail at the height of visual splendor, and unconventional creativity that only a genuine artist can portray.

Even if you are an individual who simply appreciates aesthetics and epic symmetry, each design will capture your eye, captivate your imagination, and make you feel invincible!

Our ALL-NEW Eagle- Limited Edition Range includes leggings, crops, shorts, sweaters, joggers, hoodies, jackets, and hooded blankets. Designed for the visionaries! 

Available Now. Be like the eagle, swoop down and seize this opportunity before it's too late.

We hope you are as taken with this range as we are!  


- Lunafide Team 🖤

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