Artwork Explained: Cronus

Artwork Explained: Cronus

This week we are super excited to be releasing the incredible Cronus apparel range, inspired by the King of the Titans and father time. (Particularly when time is viewed as a destructive and all-devouring force.) This incredible range was designed by the super talented Michael Canada.

Although Cronus was the youngest son to his parents Gaea and Uranus he was also the strongest of all of the Greek Titans! Cronus ruled earth during the golden age when immoral behavior did not yet exist and the earth was in complete harmony and peace.

Cronus heard of a prophecy which said that as Cronus had dethroned his father, one of his children would also dethrone him. He therefore took all of his children from his wife, Rhea as they were born, and swallowed them. Rhea however managed to save their youngest son Zeus, by hiding him in the island of Crete, and fed Kronos a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes instead.

When Zeus grew up he forced Kronos to release the offspring he swallowed and ultimately led the Olympian Gods in a decade long war against the Titans, defeated them and drove them into the pit of Tartarus.

Many generations later Zeus eventually released Kronos and the other Titans from Tartarus and made Cronus the King of the Elysian Islands which was the home of the blessed deceased in Norse mythology. Cronus shared many similarities with the primordial personification of time name Chronos in Norse mythology. 

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 💛

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