Artwork Explained: Constellations.

Artwork Explained: Constellations.

This week we launched the brand new, incredible and fascinating Constellations apparel range. This range and it's featured design is extremely captivating to look at. The whimsical colours and characters hidden in the constellations gives this design a truly magical feel. The meaning and inspiration behind this captivating design will be explored and unveiled below. 

The artwork represented in this range has been inspired by the Northern and Southern Celestial spheres. The artist diligently studied both of these Constellations in order to accurately represent these extraordinary skies and showcase some of the most beautiful and most popular constellations. The Northern Constellations can be seen printed on the front of our Hoodies, T-shirts, sweaters and tank tops and on your left side on the joggers, leggings, shorts, boardshorts and blankets and the Southern Constellations can be found on the back of the T-shirts, sweaters and tank tops and on your Right side on the joggers, leggings, shorts, boardshorts and blankets. 

The major Northern Constellations consist of the Ursa's major and minor, Cassiopeia, Lyra, Cygnus, Draco, Boötes, Cepheus, Auriga, Gemini, Delphinus, Leo, Sagitta, Aries, Andromeda, Triangulum, Perseus, Pegasus, Virgo, Pisces, Cancer and Hercules. The major Southern Constellations include, Crux, Centaurus, Canis, Eridanus, puppis, Pictor, Hydrus, Octans, Lupa, Ara, Chameleon and Phoenix to name a few. These vast array of stars are truly extraordinary, explore the Constellations apparel range and get your own wearable constellations today. The team and I loved exploring the designs to see how many of these Constellations we could find. 

If you love this range, be sure to check out the Skysigns apparel range too!

-Lunafide Team <3

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