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Artwork Explained: Celestial Mirage

This week we launched the magnificent Celestial Mirage apparel range. This captivating watercolour landscape/mandala design was created with love exclusively for Lunafide by the talented Rob Cook. Rob states that the ombre effect he created in this piece is EXACTLY what he was going for and that he is so happy with the contrast between the dark and light areas which gives this piece real depth. He said you could get lost in those stars for hours, and we have to agree! Let's now take a closer look into this stunning piece and the man behind it. 

Rob is a highly talented watercolor/mandala artist from the United Kingdom, Rob says that he has loved art from a very young age and has always been obsessed with tiny details and drawing super precisely. He says that he spent years doodling patterns aimlessly until he finally discovered mandalas in 2016 and was finally able to give a name to his skillset. After that the delightful Rob was completely addicted to drawing Mandalas! Other than mandalas Rob also loves creating watercolor landscapes and galaxies! He says that he is obsessed with anything and everything related to Astrology. Rob also states that he is always trying to find ways of combining all of his passions into cohesive pieces and this is how Rob's incredible signature and unique style developed.

In this stunning piece of artwork Rob blended an incredible watercolor landscape showcasing an absolutely jaw dropping night sky with a beautiful full moon layed out over a stunning mountain range. The creative Rob created a Mandala-watercolor landscape fusion by creatively breaking up the design using sacred geometrical pattern work. Rob has also created a traditional watercolor landscape piece for us before, see the Mountain Aura range and also used his signature fusion technique to create the Galaxy Mandala piece which is a traditional mandala piece with little galaxies creatively incorporated into the design.

The design has such a beautiful meaning created by the fusion of the full moon and the mandala layout. A full, completely round, brightly illuminated moon represents and symbolises completion, the summit of power, the understanding of your desires and the peak of clarity. A full moon is an event to celebrate your growth and to reflect on the progress you have made and how far you have come. Mandalas on the other hand were created as an artistic expression to symbolise the relationship between the universe and spirit. Today Mandalas are primarily used as a tool in meditation and are also believed to be a helpful tool in silencing thoughts and bettering focus and therefore helping to combat stress and anxiety.

Center yourself and celebrate your accomplishments with this breathtaking apparel range! We can’t wait to bring you so many more amazing designs like this!

-Lunafide Team <3
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It is even MORE spectacular in person!!!


I’d love a cloak in this (hint, hint). I think this is my favorite design of the ones I’ve seen here.

A. Marina Fournier

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