Artwork Explained: Black Beard

Artwork Explained: Black Beard

This week we dropped the awe-inspiring Black Beard apparel range. Inspired by the most famous, feared and dreaded pirate to ever sail the seven seas!

Black Beard was the nickname of Edward Teach who was one of history’s most famous pirates, who became a striking figure in American folklore. Apart from his famous black beard and terrifying looks which earned him his nickname, the most prominent story around black beard is his great buried treasure, which to this day has never been found.

According to the "General History of the Robberies and murders of the most notorious Pyrates", the reason that Black Beard is so feared and famous is because of how wicked and terrifying he truly was.

“In the Commonwealth of Pyrates, he who goes the greatest Length of Wickedness, is looked upon with a kind of Envy amongst them… The Hero of whom we are writing, was thoroughly accomplished this Way, and some of his Frolicks of Wickedness, were so extravagant, as if he aimed at making his Men believe he was a Devil incarnate”.

It was told that Black Beard would put lit fuses of matches under his hat in order to appear more terrifying and fearsome. As told by the "General History of the Robberies and murders of the most notorious Pyrates."

“In time of action, he… stuck lighted matches under his hat, which appearing on each side of his face, his eyes naturally looking fierce and wild, made him altogether such a figure that imagination cannot form an idea of a fury, from hell, to look more frightful.”

Sail the seven seas with the all new Black Beard apparel range! We Hope you love this design as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 🖤

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