Artwork Explained: Björn

Artwork Explained: Björn

We are so stoked to unveil our brand new Norse inspired Björn apparel range. Did you know that very interestingly the Vikings used to keep bears as pets in their homes? However bears were a lot more than just pets to the vikings and being able to tame a bear took insane amounts of courage, determination and dedication. Why would the Vikings go through so much effort to gain the trust of a bear you may ask...

The bear was a very important symbol to the Vikings and the bear was believed to be Sacred particularly to the Norse God, Odin. Bears were seen as the forefathers of mankind in Norse Mythology and prominent Norse Gods such as Thor and Odin would frequently shape shift into the form of bear, in order to visit the human world. The bear symbolises balance between the seen world and the unseen world, wisdom and strength. It was this symbology that inspired the artist Pyros to design this breath-taking range. 

It is believed that the symbology of the Norse bear is what inspired the berserkers, Norse warriors who were said to fight with a trance-like fury. It is told that the Berserkers gained the bears spirit and bravery and that before going into battle, the berserkers would take on the spirit of the bear.

This range captures the ferocity and beauty of the Norse bear in the most extraordinary way and we hope you love this range just as much as we do! 

We can't wait to bring you another extraordinary design next week! 

- Lunafide Team. 💛

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