Artwork Explained: Spirit Spheres

Artwork Explained: Spirit Spheres

Introducing the brand new, hypnotically detailed Spirit Spheres apparel range. This range is composed of multiple mandalas filled with the most incredible tiny details and patterns. The shadows and depths within the design also create an incredible optical illusion which creates a fascinating three-dimensional effect and takes the design to a whole new level or rather dimension. This intriguing design was created with love exclusively for Lunafide by the talented Rob Cook and it gives me great pleasure to now unveil the story behind this fascinating design and the artist who created it. 

Rob is a highly talented watercolor and mandala artist from the United Kingdom. Rob says that he has loved art from a very young age and has always been obsessed with very tiny details and drawing super precisely. He says that he spent years doodling patterns aimlessly until he finally discovered mandalas in 2016 and was finally able to give a name to his skillset. After that the delightful Rob was completely addicted to drawing Mandalas! Other than mandalas Rob also loves creating watercolor landscapes and galaxies and he is also obsessed with anything and everything related to Astrology. Rob also states that he is always trying to find ways of combining all of his passions into cohesive pieces and this is how Rob's incredible signature and unique style has developed.

The literal meaning of the word Mandala means circle. Mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe. The circular design symbolizes the theory that life is eternal and that everything in the universe is connected. Mandalas also stand for the spiritual journey within a person gazing at a mandala. So basically the idea is that the Mandala stands for unity in the universe and then each individual must find their own little place within the universe where they fit in. Mandalas are also used as a centering tool in meditation and are said to clear the mind of clutter in order to allow relaxation and conducive thoughts. 

Centre your mind, body and spirit with the Spirit Spheres apparel range! We can't wait to bring you many more show stopping designs! 

-Lunafide Team <3

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