Artwork Explained: Anubis & Bastet

Artwork Explained: Anubis & Bastet

This week we will be exploring the concepts and meaning behind the artwork featured on the Egyptian inspired Anubis & Bastet apparel range. The artist @artofkarolmichalec put an immense amount of detail and effort into curating a spectacular set of artworks that brings together a stylish and trendy aesthetic to the apparel range and simultaneously tells a story of Ancient Egyptian Gods, Goddesses and Pharaohs. 

Anubis was considered the most important God of the Deceased. He was said to either appear in the full animal form as a jackal or as a human with the head of a Jackal. In Ancient Egypt Jackals were a threat to the burial rights of Ancient Egyptians and therefore Anubis had the power to fight Jackals and understand their thought patterns. Anubis was also the Guardian of the Scales, he would basically weigh the hearts of the deceased. Ancient Egyptians believed that good deeds made the heart weigh more while evilness made it lighter. If your heart was heavy enough, you would gain passage Land of the Reeds.

Bastet on the other hand was the the Goddess of dance, joy, the home, sex, love, childbirth, domestic life, cats, warfare and secrets. Bastet was originally portrayed as a lioness sun goddess. However, she quickly evolved into the cat goddess that we know today. The myth of Anubis and Bastet, mostly has to do with their relationship. Anubis is the son of Ra. However, his mother could either be Goddess Hesat or Bastet. But Bastet is also Ra’s daughter in certain myths. 

On the bottoms and on the sides of the blankets there is a depiction of an Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus sided by Anubis on the left and Bastet on the right, this is relating to the protection of the deceased by Anubis. On the back of the tops and in the centre of the hooded blankets is a depiction of the God Ra, below is a depiction of the eye of Ra. This is due to the importance of the Relationships between Ra, Anubis and Bastet. Depicted on the centre front of the tops and the blanket is a Ancient Egyptian drawing, depicting the importance and duties of the God Ra, Anubis and Bastet. 

We hope you love this design just as much as we do! Be sure to check out some of our other Egyptian inspired designs including the Horus collection, the Aset collection and the Uraeus collection.

-Lunafide Team <3

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