Artwork Explained: Woden

Artwork Explained: Woden

This week we are dropping our latest collection, the absolutely incredible Woden apparel range! Inspired by Germanic mythology, predominantly a God similar to Odin in Norse Mythology called Woden and some other interesting pieces of History including Coinage which was at the forefront in Germanic- England. Let's explore the story and the artist behind this incredible work of wearable art! 

The striking, bold and intricate artwork featured in this apparel range has been curated by Karol Michalec. Karol is an exceptionally talented artist residing in the UK. Karol is a diverse artist who has a wild imagination and an extremely steady hand. He breathes life into every element of his designs with his precise technique, and his uncanny ability to bring a simple concept to life. We really enjoyed working with Karol on this piece and you can see how much he enjoyed curating this design by the level of depth and detail showcased in the design. 

Similar to the Vikings and the Greeks the Germanic believed in many Gods and also had superstitions. The All Father God in Germanic mythology was called Woden. Woden is a Germanic version of the Scandinavian God Odin. Some of the other Gods in Germanic mythology were Frige, who was the Goddess of Love, Thunor who was God of Thunder and Tiw who was God of War.

Although not many Germanic mythical tales and details stood the test of time it is known that they believed in lucky charms. They also believed that potions, poems, stones and jewels would protect them from evil spirits and illness. Many of these elements can be seen showcased throughout the design. 

Get yourself lost in the incredible depth and tiny details featured in this wearable work of art and shop the range here today: Woden apparel range

-Lunafide Team <3

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Looks awesome. Any chance of a Tiw version?

Robert J. Kegley

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