Artwork Explained: Amun-Ra

Artwork Explained: Amun-Ra

This week we launched the brand new Egyptian inspired, Amun-Ra collection. This artwork is a firm favourite among the team and we are exceptionally proud to introduce this collection to you, our Lunafide family! The artist did an exquisite job on creating this artwork and put an immense amount of detail into the design as well as into the Colorway.

Amun-Ra is the chief god in Egyptian mythology. Amun-Ra was considered to be a creator of all things, including himself and all of the other deities, therefore being considered as all-powerful.

Amun-Ra was worshiped by devout followers in the Temple of Amun-Ra in Thebes. The popularity of Amun-Ra made Egyptian religion essential monotheistic for several centuries. 
Amun-Ra was actually a combination of two early deities, Amun, the god of air, and Ra, the god of the sun. Amun-Ra is also referred to as Amun Re, or Ammon.

Ra also possessed many stories known to the Egyptians such as bringing light to the sky for the people on Earth and the Underworld demonstrating his power. Amun on the other hand was a patron of pharaohs and combined with Ra and was later known as Amun-Ra. 

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team black heart 🖤

Amun-Ra Gallery Image
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