Artwork Explained: All Father's Beard

Artwork Explained: All Father's Beard

If you have ever used the exclamation "By Odin's Beard!" Then this week's design drop the captivating new All Father's Beard apparel range was made for you! Inspired by the Norse All Father himself and his famous beard of course. This extraordinary work of wearable art features a Norse knot-work style design created by the insanely talented @thesaxonstoryteller.

The Saxon Storyteller is an illustrator and artist renowned for his incredibly unique talent to capture characters from inspiration taken from artefacts  and historical figures in an artistic form. His artwork is mostly based on Folklore, Viking and Saxon mythology. You may also recognise The Saxon Story Teller's artwork from the Nordic Mythology podcast of which he is the main illustrator. 

This apparel range is inspired by the super popular one-eye'd, bearded Norse All Father Odin. Odin has a lot of different names and he is recognised as the principle God in Norse mythology and was also recognised as the Norse god of both war and death.

When warriors die in battle Half of the warriors who die are taken to Odin's hall of Valhalla. He is also recognised as the one-eye'd All Father because he sacrificed his one eye in a quest to gain knowledge and see everything that happens in the world.

Odin has two sons, Balder and Thor and also an array of supernatural animal companions. Odin's two ravens Huginn and Muninn fly around the world every day and report back to Odin and tell him what they have seen. Odin also has an eight-legged horse  called Sleipnir who transports Odin through all the realms and finally Odin also has two companion wolves named Geri and Freki. 

By Odin's Beard! We really hope you love this apparel range! 

-Lunafide Team 💛

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