Artwork Explained: Alchemy

Artwork Explained: Alchemy

Introducing this week's drop the Alchemy apparel range, designed by the super talented @Artofkarolmichalec. This vibrant, detailed and unapologetic apparel range was inspired by the relationship between light and dark, good and evil in Alchemy. Let's take a deeper look into the artist and inspiration behind this week's wearable work of art. 

"My work often includes decorative patterns calling back to eras of humanity's greatest societies - ancient, mysterious, mythical and rich in not just visual language but secrecy. Spells, knotwork, magical symbols and runes being some of the elements I reach for; creating a visual feast that's highly elaborate and intricate. A single drawing can take days to finish!" -Karol

Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary. Sometimes the way this is done simply can not be explained and is almost magical in nature.  Light and dark, good and evil is and will forever be opposing. fighting each other to be the dominant. Yet in reality these opposites simply cannot exist without one another. 

Karol the artist is fascinated by this relationship and took to this design to demonstrate how this balance and relationship between light and dark coexist and work together in an alchemical sense. Take a deep dive into the design and discover the artist’s own visual take on symbols and imagery depicting this tumultuous alchemical relationship. 

We hope you love this range as much as we do. 

- Lunafide Team 💛

Alchemy Gallery Image

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