Lunafide, Artist Driven Apparel.

Lunafide, Artist Driven Apparel.

As an artist driven apparel company we work with a wide variety of artists from all around the globe in order to provide our fans with unique and extraordinary designs that cannot be found elsewhere. The purpose of this blog will be to give our fans an inside look into our artwork beyond the product that is delivered to your door. This blog will explore a wide variety of topics, which are introduced below.

Artist spotlight, where we will introduce you to the incredible artists who are behind our designs. These artists put a lot of time and effort into creating detailed, never before seen artwork for Lunafide and we would love to really introduce them to you beyond a simple credit. This space will also allow us to share their biography with you and touch on the traits and talents that make them unique.

Artwork explanations, where we will unveil the deeper meanings and stories behind the vivid artwork that is printed on our clothing. Our artists tell stories and use runes and symbols on the designs, making our designs not only unique but meaningful too. Our Lunafeed blog is the perfect platform to visit to get the extensive and detailed meaning behind the artwork lovingly printed on your favourite Lunafide hooded blankets, blankets, hoodies, cloaks, shirts, legging, joggers and more.

This blog will further keep you in the loop on what you can expect from Lunafide in the foreseeable future. Our Lunafeed Blog followers will have never before seen insights into new designs, clothing styles, artists and influencers. The best place to keep you up to date on what’s hot and happening with our amazing brand. 

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-Lunafide Team <3

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Thank you for making space for the Artist’s, it is a win-win, for everyone!

Carl miller


Teresa Hamm

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